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ZeroWASTE® HX Perc

The ZeroWASTE HX Perc is the premier wastewater elimination machine for dry cleaning plants that use perchlorethylene solvent.

  • Alerts when tank is full
  • Alerts to change filters
  • Alerts when perc has accumulated in tank
  • Includes a first-stage particulate filter
  • Dual carbon filter system to protect the environment
  • Small footprint
  • High-grade stainless steel construction
  • Works with existing steam
  • Low power consumption
  • Processes up to one gallon of water per hour
  • Made in the USA
Operation: Water is pumped from the reservoir through a series of filters that remove particulates and absorb contaminants that may be suspended in the water. The wastewater is pumped to the ZeroWASTE all stainless steel HX heat exchanger (connected to the plant's existing steam line) where it is vaporized into the air.

Convenient to Use: The system is fully automatic—no operator intervention is necessary. It goes into operation when it senses water in the tank. When filling the tank, the system alerts the operator when the tank is full.

Environment Guardian: This unit continually monitors the reservoir and the first carbon filter for the presence of perc. If perc is detected, the system immediately shuts down the pump, sounds an alarm, and displays the cause of the alarm with LED indicators. A second carbon filter guarantees that (on a properly maintained machine) no undesirable chemicals reach the heat exchanger.


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