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In the summer of 2016, Alan Phillips, the inventor and founder of ZeroWASTE®, turned the firm over to its new owner, Chauncey Bell, who has now taken command. Air Quality Laboratories was established in 1991, and developed the ZeroWASTE product line to provide an economical, environmentally sound method for the disposal of wastewater that accumulates during the dry cleaning processes. This includes the reclaimed water from the dry cleaning machine, vacuum and compressor.

ZeroWASTE Machines are designed to function automatically so that, other than filling the tank with wastewater, the operator is free to do other things. The machines operate when they detect water in the storage tank. To prevent spills when filling the storage tank, an audible alarm alerts the operator that the tank is full.

To protect the environment, the ZeroWASTE machines incorporate an exclusive electronic sentinel that continuously monitors the system for the presence of perc. If perc is detected, the sentinel stops the pump and alerts the operator with an audible alarm and LED indicators. The unit is kept in the alarm state until reset by the operator.

To further assure that perchlorethylene, hydrocarbon, silicone, or other contaminants that may be mixed with the wastewater, don't make their way into the environment, the ZeroWASTE machines have a three-stage filter system. The first-stage filter removes particulates while the second and third stages are B-1 carbon filters that remove undesirable chemicals suspended in the water.

The B-1 carbon filter was developed by Air Quality Laboratories to be high-quality and have exceptional absorption properties. For the machines to meet specifications and to maintain warranty, only ZeroWASTE B-1 filters should be used. B-1 filters and particulate filters are available direct from Air Quality Laboratories, or your local distributor.

ZeroWASTE Machines are constructed of high-quality stainless steel for durability and long lasting performance. in addition to perchlorethylene, the ZeroWASTE Model HX works with other solvents including Hydrocarbon, GreenEarth and System K4.

Designed from the ground up with the environment in mind, the ZeroWASTE machines became the only wastewater elimination machines to meet or exceed all domestic and international regulations. At this time we manufacture the ZeroWASTE Model HX only. However, we continue to support all the models we have produced over the years.

Our units are made in the USA and backed with a one year warranty.

ZeroWASTE® 1500B
1991 - 2000

ZeroWASTE® 1000C
1991 - 2000

1997 - 2005

1998 - 2003

2004 - Present


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